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Julian and Yonel Cohen Join Team Jobe

The Cohen brothers are two of the most complete wakeboarders in US. Julian Cohen is ranked as the number 1 cable wakeboarder in the US and number 5 in the world. He started riding at a young age and he was considered a phenomenon by the age of 14. He is also the youngest rider to land a 1080 in an official cable competition. Julian currently resides in Orlando and practices cable wakeboarding almost every single day.

Yonel Cohen, Julian’s younger brother is also a very talented wakeboarder. Although he is now only 13 years old, he displays amazing skills and rides the cable like a pro. He set foot on a wakeboard for the first time at the age of three and loved it. Of course that he was also looking up to his big brother and wanted to ride just like him. Yonel won the 4th place at the Junior Pro division at the Cable Nationals in 2011 and he is aiming for a place on the podium this year.

The two brothers have recently signed with Jobe, one of the most renowned brands in watersports industry. Jobe is proud to have the two phenomenal riders on the team and it is ready to support them in their careers.