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Raph Derome Joins Red Bull Canada

Raph Derome is one of the most spectacular wakeboarders today. He is considered the best rail rider in the world and won the Wakeworld Rider of the Year award in 2011 and the Transworld Rail Rider of the Year award in 2010. He started riding at the age of 9, following the steps of his father and older brother, Olivier. He felt in love with wakeboarding and soon became an exceptional pro rider. Apart from the above mentioned titles, Raph’s has also won a Wake the Line Title, a Jr. Pro Men Tour Stop, a Jr. Pro Wake Games Championship and several other competitions.

The talented rider has recently joined the Red Bull Canada team. Red Bull, one of the major brands that support the development of extreme sports, will help Raph develop his career and become the number one wakeboarder of all times. Raph will head for Canada this spring, where he will train for the upcoming competitions and work on several projects together with his new sponsor.

He stated: “It’s been my dream to be a Red Bull athlete for a long time. I am so stoked to make it official. I can’t wait to step up to the next level and I know Red Bull is probably the best sponsor you can get to achieve that goal.”

Check out the "Welcome to the Team" video below.