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Volume 2 of Shaun Murray’s Detention is Available

Detention is one of the most useful wakeboarding instructional DVDs ever. The movie stars the famous Shaun Murray, the 4X World Champ wakeboarder. He started his career as a water sports athlete at an early age, as a water skier, but soon turned to wakeboarding. His talent and determination helped him become one of the best riders ever.

The talented rider is also dedicated to teach others the secrets of wakeboarding. The 2012 edition of the Detention DVD is created by the rider for all wakeboarding fans. The video explains all aspects of wakeboarding, from gear to riding techniques. In the video Shaun explains every trick in the book and shows you how to master the basics of the sport and progress. The movie is filmed using special techniques that focus on details and improve the learning process.

The first Detention DVD was released back in 1998 and was a success, but the 2012 edition is even better and takes wakeboarding learning process to a new level.

Volume 2 of Shaun Murray’s Detention is available for purchase online on Amazon or other related websites.