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Busting Some More Windsurfing Myths


In a previous article, mainly this one, we busted a few windsurfing myths. Now we will bust a few other myths that we didn’t cover in that article. Check the out below:

Myth: Windsurfing is a fad.
Verdict: Busted.

Why: Windsurfing is an Olympic sport. If you would like to learn a few things about windsurfing history, check out the Windsurfing History article.

Myth: I’m a girl, so I couldn’t get into windsurfing.
Verdict: Busted.

Why: Windsurfing isn’t for men only. It is a sport that can be practice by men, women and children alike.

Myth: You need a lot of wind to windsurf.
Verdict: Busted.
Why: It is true that you need wind to windsurf. It is not true that you need a lot of wind to windsurf. Sure, it’s nice when the wind is on the strong side, but this doesn’t mean you can’t ride in light winds. All you need is a light wind board and a light wind sail and you’re set. You can ride in below 10-knot winds.

Myth: It is not a safe sport.
Verdict: Busted.

Why: Out of all the watersports out there, windsurfing is perhaps the safest. Windsurfing doesn’t even feature on the National Sporting Goods Association list of dangerous sports.
There’s a danger in everything we do, even crossing the street or taking the dog for a walk (when I was a young boy mine tripped me and I broke my leg). If you take the necessary precautionary methods and if you get the necessary safety gear, you will minimize the chances of something going wrong.

Myth: I am too young/old to get into windsurfing.
Verdict: Busted.
Why: Children as young as 5 windsurf. There’s no age limit to windsurfing. If you can still control the rig, you can windsurf, no matter how old you are. It doesn’t really matter how young or old you are. It doesn’t even matter if you are in good shape or not. Windsurfing is a fun, easy to learn sport well suited for any age.

Myth: Rigging the equipment is difficult.
Verdict: Busted.

Why: Yes, there was a time when rigging your gear was a bit difficult. Modern equipment is quite easy to rig.