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Busting Some Windsurfing Myths

Windsurfing Myths

On the MythBusters TV series we see myths beings busted all the time. We will do a bit of myth busting of our own, just that we’ll tackle some windsurfing myths. The following ones:

Myth: I’ll have to go to some tropical location to windsurf.
Verdict: Busted
: While it is true that places like Hawaii, or Fuerteventura, or Pozo are great windsurfing spots, it doesn’t mean that you have to go to a distant tropical location to lean to windsurf or to enjoy a fun windsurfing session. There are tons of places you can windsurf, even in cold Alaska. As long as there’s water and there’s enough wind, you can bet that place has windsurfing potential.

Myth: But everybody is into kiteboarding nowadays.
Verdict: Busted.
Why: You may think there are more kiteboarders out there because kites are more visible than windsurfing sails. It is true that kiteboarding has a lot of fans, but that isn’t to say that everyone got into kiteboarding and forgot about windsurfing. Windsurfing still has plenty of followers.

Myth: I could never get enough money to purchase the necessary gear.
Verdict: Busted.
Why: If you get something in the vicinity of $1,000 you can get a new setup. It’s not exactly cheap, but then it’s not exactly incredibly expensive, so expensive you could never find the money to buy the necessary gear.

Myth: It’s incredibly difficult to windsurf.
Verdict: Busted.
Why: It is true that about a decade or so ago you needed catlike balance and Hulk-like strength to windsurf, but things have changed considerably since then. Nowadays boards and sails are lightweight and maneuverable, so you should not have a problem.