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Common Windsurfing Harness Problems

Two windsurfers

The purpose of the harness is to lessen the strain on your arms by transferring the sail’s power through your body. The first pointer I can give you is to make sure you get a harness that fits you, a harness you feel comfortable with. You will be using the harness a lot, so it only makes sense that you get one that is comfortable. You definitely don’t want one that is uncomfortable, not if you want to have fun out there.

When setting up your harness, you should follow these rules of thumb:
- Wear the harness low enough so it rests on your hips. Move it down a bit if it’s uncomfortable against your ribs.
- The harness needs to be tight. It should feel somewhat like a girdle.
- Adjust the lines length until your hips jut in slightly.

Now we will look at a few common problems you may encounter while windsurfing, harness-related problems. If you have trouble unhooking, try lengthening the lines and work on your unhooking technique; as a last resort solution you could also try lowering the boom. If you have the opposite problem, if you have unintentional unhooking problems, try raising the boom, shortening the lines and tightening the spreader bar against your pelvis.

You should raise the boom if, when getting back in the straps, your feet feel heavy. You should raise the boom and shorten the lines if your arms and back are taking most of the sail load. You should tighten the harness and maintain a proper position if your harness rides up.