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Don't Get Overpowered in Strong Winds

Massive wave

Most windsurfers, advanced and expert ones in particular, like it when the wind blows hard. You, as a novice, may not like strong winds as much. One of the reasons why you may not like strong winds is because strong winds can push you along and get you to pick up some considerable speed. As a novice you may not be ready for such high speeds; you may feel overpowered.

Instead of accelerating out of control and feeling overpowered, you will want to slow down and regain control. How do you do that? The answer is to:
- Go upwind in the gusts – to do this you have to bend your knees then easily roll your weight onto your heels and onto your back foot.
- And bear off in the lulls.

If you do this you will turn upwind and thus slow down. As you slow down, you will no longer feel overpowered and you will regain control. Once you do that, regain control I mean, put pressure back into the balls of your feet to flatten out the board and straighten your legs to bear away downwind.