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Fun Windsurfing Fact: Weight Is a Must for Competitive Speed Sailors

Fun Windsurfing Fact

What do you think you have to do to get into windsurfing racing, at a competitive, high-end level I mean? If you answered train hard, improve my skills, then you are absolutely correct. You can’t take part in windsurfing races if you don’t train hard and if you’re not good enough. Only by training you will fine tune your skills, learn to tweak your gear so it’s just right, and learn to shrug off the fear of sailing 125 degrees off the wind at 45+ mph.

There’s something else you must do, and you will not guess what it is. Okay, you’ll guess because it’s spelled out in the title – you have to put on weight. Fun fact: the average high-speed sailor weighs in at about 98 kilos or 215 pounds. So if you’re thinking about competitive speed sailing, did you take the time to weigh yourself? You may find out that you need to pack on a few pounds.