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How to Get Your Windsurfing Board From Point A to Point B

Windsurfing beginner

 In the old days of windsurfing the equipment was rather heavy and difficult to lug around. Modern equipment is considerably lighter, but there is still a proper way to get your board and gear to the water. Follow these simple steps and you will do just fine:

1. Take your board and rig to the water one at a time, separately.

2. Keep the board under your arm, or hold it by the dagger-board if it is too wide to fit under your arm. If that still doesn’t work, carry the board above your head.

3. Pick up your rig on the windward (that’s the upwind) side.

4. With the mast pointing leeward (that is downwind), hoist the rig above your head. While keeping the clew of your sail leeward, hold on to the mast and the boom.

5. When you get to the edge of the water, it is time to connect the mast to the board. Don’t forget to take the tide into consideration.

6. Keep the mast leeward (downwind) and carry the board and the rig into the water.

A few words of warning:

- While you carry your equipment from point A to point B, pay attention to things like cars, people, trees, and so on.