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How to Perform a Chop Hop Jump

windsurfing chop hop

 In the world of windsurfing, this is the most basic of jumps. You can pull it off either by sheeting-in off a small wave or by doing a wale bump and using your legs to lift up the board. Follow the step by step instructions presented below and you should do just fine:

1. The fist step is crucial to your success and it involves getting a wave-jumping board. If you do not have such a board, then go get one. Do not attempt to pull of a Chop Hop jump otherwise.

2. With your eyes scan the water in front of you and try to find a launching surface (a small wave, boat wake, a bump, something like that).

3. If you are wearing a harness, do not forget to unhook. Take a crouching position and prepare yourself for the jump that will ensue.

4. When the board hits the jumping surface, lift up your front leg and at the same time pull up using your front arm.

5. When the tail leaves the chop, sheet in and raise your rear foot.

6. Let the wind improve your height by pointing the board just slightly windward (upwind).

7. Pull your legs towards your chest.

8. As you land make sure you straighten your legs, but keep them just a little bent so as to absorb the impact. Your back leg should always come down before your front leg.