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How to Recover From a Wipeout

 Follow these simple step by step instructions and you will be back on your board and sailing as fast as possible:

1. Position the board as follows: perpendicular to the wind, wit the mast and rig on the leeward (downwind) side and the clew to the back (aft).

2. Put your feet on opposite sides of the mast-foot. Make sure they are evenly spread apart.

3. In order to keep your center of gravity low, bend your knees. With both hands grab the up-haul line.

4. With both hands you should pull the up-haul line. Now lift the mast and rig by leaning against the up-haul line. This will cause the mast and rig to lift out of the water.

5. With both hands, grab the mast (not just anywhere, right below the boom). At this point your balance will be rather precarious so you should move quickly from this point on.

6. Take your back hand and side it down the boom. Then pull the boom towards you and point the clew backwards (sheet in). Immediately after completing this move you will start to sail. In order to better your balance you should lean against the wind.

7. Take your forward hand off the mast and place it on the boom, in forward position.

8. Place your feet in a correct riding position.

A few words of warning though:

- When the sail starts to rise, try to be as smooth as possible.

- If you are using a smaller board, it will probably sink in. This will not be a problem as long as you can maintain your balance. In order to prevent a nose dive, place your feet in the proper riding position immediately after sheeting in.