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How to Rig Up for Windsurfing

windsurfing rigging

 One of the most basic steps is learning how to set up your rig. This will allow you to windsurf safely and enjoy yourself when out on the open water. Follow these simple step by step instructions and you should do just fine:

1. First unfold the sail and then take the mast and insert it in the mast sleeve.

2. Attach the boom to the mast.

3. The downhaul is the place where the mast foot connects with the sail; make sure you tighten the downhaul. Get the sail as close to the board as your rig allows.

4. Rig the outhaul to the clew and do not forget that the clew must face leeward (downwind). Failure to do so may result in the sail flipping up over you while you are rigging it.

5. If the sail has battens, then proceed to placing them in their position.

6. Insert the mast in the mast hole. Make sure it is fastened securely.

7. Next you must attach the tether lines to the mast base thus connecting the bow of your board to the mast step. If the board separates itself from the rig, this prevents it from going anywhere.

8. When in the water, insert the dagger-board (if you have one).

A few words of warning though:

- Tighten the downhaul in accordance to the wind speed. Beginners are well advised to use a medium tightness.

- Get some extra tension on the outhaul if you have a fully battened sail. Next you must retighten the downhaul. Keep in mind that fully battened sails always require more downhaul tension.

 - For safety reasons you must become familiar with your equipment and master rigging and de-rigging it.