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If Once You Failed, Now You Will Succeed

Girl Windsurfing Parres Center

If you tried to learn to windsurf back in the day, and you failed, then chances are you are reluctant to picking up windsurfing again. But the simple truth of the matter is that you should get into windsurfing and for one very simple reason – it is now easier than ever to learn to windsurf. If once you failed to learn to windsurf, now you will succeed.

It is true that about a decade ago you needed catlike balance and Hulk-like strength to windsurf, but things have changed considerably since then. Nowadays boards and sails are lightweight and maneuverable and very user friendly.

In the past there were only two types of boards: long boards (longer than 3m) and short boards (shorter than 3m). Both types were pretty narrow and therefore not very novice-friendly. There are now several types of boards, like freestyle boards, freeride boards, and best of all, novice boards which have plenty of volume for extra buoyancy, are pretty wide, and have a daggerboard (it’s a retractable keel, in case you’re a novice and have no idea what a daggerboard is). The fact that they are wide is important – it is easier to learn on a wider board.

The sails are more maneuverable, easier to handle and more novice-friendly as well and that’s because they’re now made from materials like carbon and monofilm. Modern sails are more stable (not as flutter crazy as the sails of old), are easier to pull out of the water, and are easier to control.

The bottom line is that because the equipment is better nowadays, it is easier to learn to windsurf. So if you tried it once and found it hard, try it again now and you will see that it is considerably easier.

There’s one other conclusion you can draw from this article. If someone you know told you that he or she tried to windsurf in the past and failed, don’t assume you will fail as well. You will have a much easier time learning to windsurf nowadays that your friend had back in the day.