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If You’re Fighting the Sail, Your Posture Isn’t Right


Some novices describe their windsurfing sessions with words like “I had to fight the sail all the time” and “I felt very uncomfortable and my back aches”. The thing is that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when riding, you shouldn’t have back aches once you’re done, and you shouldn’t fell like your fighting the sail. If you are experiencing all these things, then you’re doing something wrong.

The most likely culprit for such problems is the riding position. The rider who complains that he has to fight the sail doesn’t have the right riding position. His hips and shoulders are most likely not parallel to the boom. It is a common mistake that is quite easy to correct.

Here is what you have to do to correct your posture: make sure your shoulders and hips are parallel to the rig. Make small adjustments to ensure that your shoulders and hips are always parallel to the rig. Think of it as dancing with the rig; the rig is your dancing partner. When you dance you are free to move your feet about and place your hands wherever you want. The same applies to windsurfing. You can move your feet and hands to correct and maintain a proper riding position. And speaking of a proper riding position, open your stance when you open the sail and angle it away from the centerline. Follow with your shoulders when you close your sail and sheet in parallel to the centerline.

If your body leans too much forward during a jibe it may be because you’re not putting enough passion into it. Because your body leans too much forward, you will find it difficult to hold the rig upright. If you put more passion into a jibe, stand tall with your hips over your forward knee, you will not lean forward so much. Consequently you will be able to more easily control the rig.