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Stay Focused, Watch Where You're Going

Watch Where You're Going

I remember my first driving lesson. After the instructor told me what each pedal did, and then we went for a test run. When he told me “and now we press the clutch and shift into second” my first instinct was to look down to the pedals. As any experienced driver will tell you, you don’t look down at the pedals; you keep your eyes on the road.

The thing is that many novice windsurfers do the same thing I did. Instead of watching where they’re going, they keep themselves busy looking at their feet, or at the sail, or anywhere else except where they’re going. What do you suppose happens when you’re not looking ahead, regardless if you’re driving or windsurfing? You’ve guessed it, you’re going to crash.

If you don’t want to crash into another rider, or a buoy, or another obstacle, keep your eyes on the road so to speak. Mind where you’re going when you’re sailing in a straight line and especially when you’re jibing. To make sure you know where your board will exit a jibe look around the front of the mast from out over your front shoulder, as you enter the jibe. This helps you see where you will exit the jibe and also helps you adopt a better carving position.

What do you have to take away from this article? Try to look less at your hands, feet and rig and more at where you’re going. As you progress you will find it easier and easier to do this. So keep working on your skills.