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Top Tips: Prior to Buying Your First Windsurfing Board, You Should

windsurfing boards

The first tip I can give you is to use common sense. This tip applies to several other situations, like realizing when it’s okay to windsurf or not. Getting back to the topic at hand, if you saw a few windsurfing videos online or if you saw some real-life windsurfers and you thought to yourself “man, this looks like a fun sport to get into”, don’t just rush into things. The best approach would be to take some windsurfing lessons first. This way you will find out if windsurfing is the right sport for you; you will find out if you want to continue learning to windsurf.

If you decided that windsurfing is an amazing sport and you want to pursue it further, you have to gather a little information – that would be the second tip. Speak to your windsurfing instructor and ask him or her to tell you which boards are the best for novices and where you can purchase boards. Go online and do a bit of research, see what the manufacturers and the riders have to say about the board you’re thinking about buying.

Tip number 3 is: pick a riding style. If you want to ride fast, you will want aboard with less rocker. If you want to be able to turn easily, you will want to get a board with more rocker. Find out which riding discipline you want to pursue, then do a bit of research on the boards that are best suited for that discipline.

Tip number 4, and where’s still not at the purchasing part, is to rent a board once you’ve figured out what discipline you want to follow. By renting the board you can see if it suits your needs, if it’s the right choice for you.

And finally, we get to the 'purchasing the board' step and this is where the common sense part comes in again. Do not purchase broken, raggedy second hand boards that are no good. Do not throw away the receipt after you purchase your board from a store (just in case).  See if you can’t get a deal from the store. You will need to get other equipment, not just the board. Some stores offer deals to customers who get a full package.