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Windsurfing Safety Tips

Windsurfing Safety Tips

Taking a progressive look at your windsurfing experience (by progressive I mean from preparing to leave the house, to leaving, getting to the beach, heading out on the water and so on) here are the safety tips I can convey to you, safety tips that will keep you safe and sound and help you have an enjoyable windsurfing session. Here goes:

At home
Take the time to inspect your windsurfing gear before you head out the door. What good will it do you to get to the beach and discover that something’s broken?
Let someone know that you went out to windsurf and when you plan on coming back home.
Take the time to pack all the gear you need, especially the safety gear (wetsuit, helmet, flotation device, flare). You will need to stay hydrated, so pack some water. If you can purchase water and other refreshments at the beach, then don’t bother.

On the road to the beach
Make sure you packed your gear properly so you won’t lose something on your way.

At the beach
Do not leave your gear unattended.
If it’s not your home spot, speak with the local and find out what they have to say.
If there’s no lifeguard and you’re not that good of a swimmer, don’t forget your personal flotation device. You can even get a lifejacket and wear it.
Be careful when launching and when returning to the beach.

On the water
Do not go too far out, especially if you are a novice. Offshore winds will push you out into the open water, so if you are a novice, offshore winds are a big no-no.
Yield when you do not have the right of way.
Take a break when you’re tired.
If something goes wrong, do not panic. Try to get back to shore. Signal for help if you need it.

On the road from the beach
Make sure you packed everything, that you did not leave something behind.
Do not drive if you’re too tired to focus on the road. Do not drive if after your windsurfing session you celebrated by drinking a few beers – or any other alcoholic beverages.

At home
Unpack your gear and store it properly so it doesn’t get damaged.