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Windsurfing water start

Windsurfing water start

 If you want to perform a water start, then follow the step by step instructions presented below:

1. With the luff facing the wind, get on the windward (upwind) side of the board.

2. Grab hold of the mast, but do not put your hands just anywhere on the mast – place them just above the boom.

3. Draw the rig up over the board’s tail. If done properly the board should be sitting on the board and the boom should be pointing over the tail. When the water drains from the sail, it must be able to flap freely.

4. Point the nose of the board leeward (downwind). To do this you must use your foot to push against the board, while at the same time keeping hold of the mast.

5. Place one of your feet in the foot strap.

6. Slightly lift the sail and allow it to catch some wind. At the same time place your hands on the lower part of the boom.

7. Get the rig to catch some wind by pushing up and pulling back. The power of the wind should smoothly lift you up and out of the water.

8. Once you are out of the water you must place your other foot on the board. All you have to do know is windsurf to the best of your abilities.

A few words of warning though:

- Take the time to practice in shallow water, with a buoyant board.

- You will be pulled out of the water in a rather aggressive manner if you water launch in high winds. In order to prevent this you must keep the board aligned closer to the wind when you allow the sail to catch some air.

- Sometimes your present location will not allow you to raise the rig. In this situation you must swim to the tip of the mast and lift it from there. Next you should slowly walk your hands down the mast back to the board.