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Exocet I-Style 2011

Exocet I-Style 2011

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

104L: 235x62 cm


Exocet is one of the most renowned brands in windsurfing industry. All the gear manufactured by their team offers top quality and top performance.  In 2011 Exocet launches a new line of windsurfing boards with the intent to improve the riding experience of all riders out there. The 2011 I-Style is especially crafted for freestyle enthusiasts. The board is fine tuned to offer excellent low end, huge lifts and plenty of power.

The board is available in only one size, but it is a one size fits all kind of board. It can support a heavier or a lighter rider without effort and can be used in various wind and wave conditions. The I-Style is equipped with a special low aspect fin which improves lift and assures excellent grip in tight turns or at high speeds. The wider fin base allows the rider to perform nice carves and steer the board with minimum input. The new rail bevels provide impressive spins and improve handling in all conditions. A fast rocker line generates instant acceleration and assures a fast top speed. It also propels the board upwind like a rocket and assures optimal control. The rider can perform the most spectacular tricks with minimum effort.

Even in rough surf conditions the board runs smooth and keeps the rider in control. The Exocet I-Style is not only powerful and fast, but also fun to ride. The unique shock absorbing foot pads keep the rider comfortable by suppressing wave impacts, while the soft, easy adjustable footstraps add extra comfort and assure an optimal bond between feet and deck. The  I-Style is crafted using a Wood structure which makes it light and durable. The board works best when used with 4.0 up to 7.9 square meters size sails, depending on the rider’s style and skill.

Exocet I-Style 2011 Average Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Exocet I-Style 2011 Reviewed on Dec 21st 2011
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

It is quite large for a freestyle board, but this only makes it more stable and gives you confidence to pull off nice tricks. The downside of this board is that it lacks some pop. It also doesn't spin very nice.