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Exocet I-Style II 2010

Exocet I-Style II 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

101 liters volume and 235x62 centimeters size.


Exocet is well known for the high quality windsurfing gear it has developed over the years. This year it seems their team wants to break the speed limit with the creation of the new I-Style II. This board is especially engineered for speed, and the high velocity it reaches is truly impressive. A new rocker line and outline are enhanced to produce maximum traction with minimum drag, so the board runs very fast in all wind and wave conditions. Another thing that Exocet has focused on, besides velocity is control. And indeed responsive control is definitely required when dealing with a speed board. The rider has a direct and accurate control over the board and can concentrate on his ride, without any worries about unwanted twists and turns. Exocet doesn’t have only speed and control in mind, but also comfort, so the I-Style II features the new Double Density Shock Absorbing. Also the foot straps are very soft and can be easily adjusted. The innovative concept called Exocet Unique Ride is also implemented and it increases overall performance. To balance the board and increase stability, the volume is very proportionally distributed between the tip and tail, so the board gains additional floatability.

The shape is extremely hydrodynamic, and any rider will notice how quickly it accelerates. Due to the fast responsive control and intense speed, the Exocet will definitely appeal to all freestyle lovers. The graphic designed is superb, and the black and fire imprints on the deck combined with the silver white bottom create a unique and aggressive design.

The Exocet I-Style II is available only in 101 liters volume and 235x62 centimeters size and it delivers maximum performance when it is used with a 4.0 to 7.0 meters sail.

Exocet I-Style II 2010 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Exocet I-Style II 2010 Reviewed on Apr 26th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This is the board if you are into freestyle and wave. It won't reach the speed of light but it is snappy nad you can have tons of fun. I find it very agile. It is like a sport bike.