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Exocet RS D2 Elite 2012

Exocet RS D2 Elite 2012

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

428L: 380x77 cm


Exocet team is always looking for ways to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. Each rider has specific needs depending on his skills and style. For instance pro riders who participate in world class racing competitions demand high performance gear to suit their advanced skills. The new RS D2 Elite is especially crafted for pro racers who demand uncompromised performance. The board offers a unique blend of power, speed and control and it is guaranteed to win any competition when piloted by an experienced rider.

The board has a race-oriented profile. It is shaped like a bullet and features a narrower profile and a pointed nose. This profile allows it to reach incredible speeds and assures excellent input response. It packs extra volume, so it is perfect for lightwind racing. The new hull shape assures optimal stability and improved control at high speeds. The tail assures excellent release and maintains a constant and fluid speed throughout the entire race. Exocet has uses a Double Density Shock Absorber to keep the rider comfortable at all times. This DDSA acts as a suspension and keeps the board steady in all conditions.

The Exocet RS D2 Elite is crafted using a light and durable Custom Wood and Carbon structure. This structure improves stiffness and assures better acceleration as well as early planning performance. The RS D2 Elite is one of the fastest lightwind racing boards available today. It offers unmatched performance when it is used with the Exocet XO Gold and Silver racing sails.