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Exocet Warp Formula 2009

Exocet Warp Formula 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

158 liters volume and 233x100 centimeters size


In the development of the 2009 windsurfing boards lineup Exocet seems to have dedicated a lot of interest to extreme sped and racing models. Hardcore riders and competition lovers have only good news this year, since the new Warp Formula is here to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of speed, power and versatility.

The Warp Formula has a compact shape and refined edges that permits it to pierce the waves at an incredible speed. The centered pressure point and the carefully optimized volume allow the rider to experience fast turns, rotations and maximum top speed while the board remains stable and easy to handle. The innovative double level power pads and new light and flexible foot straps offer maximum comfort, so the rider can enjoy a smooth race. Another thing on which Exocet has focused is maneuverability. The Warp Formula is one of the most responsive boards and offers a positive feedback all the time. The sailor can focus on speed and on his moves without worrying about losing control. Even light wind or choppy weather are not a challenge for this board, since it is engineered to perform great regardless of any conditions.

To make a lightweight and durable board, Exocet has used a full biaxial carbon construction. This structure makes the Warp formula light as a feather and it permits it to take all the punishment without suffering any damage. Since it is a very fast and aggressive board it is recommended for advanced or pro riders only. To make the board unique, Exocet has painted it in black, red and white colors, using beautiful imprints.

The Exocet Warp Formula is only available in 158 liters volume and 233x100 centimeters size, and it delivers maximum performance when it is used with a 8.4 to 12.5 meters sail.