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Exocet Warp S 2009

Exocet Warp S 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

120 and 145 liters volume and 248x76 and 250x85 centimeters sizes.


The Exocet Warp S board follows the steps of its predecessor, and it is built on the same concept, that a board which delivers both speed and power in light wind will appeal to all riders. The 2009 version features new enhancements that will get you running when all the other sailors sit on the beach and hope that the wind will pick up just a little bit.  You should know that the Warp S is not for everyone. It is very fast and powerful so it is recommended for the advanced and experienced riders. It is also a great board for competitions and racing. The tail is enhanced to deliver maximum power when the board is fueled up and offers maximum traction and grip. To keep the rider comfortable at all times, Exocet has used the Double Density Shock Absorber system combined with flexible and soft foot straps. The board is large enough and has enough volume to support a heavier rider and carry him at impressive speeds across the water.

The Exocet Warp S is available in two versions: the standard and Pro Model one. Apart from the fact that the Standard is painted in white and the pro in aggressive black, the difference between them is based on the construction fabrics. The standard model is made from carbon and wood, while the Pro Model is built using a full biaxial carbon structure. The biaxial carbon construction allows the Warp S Pro Model to be lighter and develop more power for extreme and hardcore riders. Both models are extremely reliable, offer fast turns and impressive top speed and acceleration.

The Exocet Warp S comes only in two ranges: 120 and 145 liters volume and 248x76 and 250x85 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance, Exocet recommends that the board should be used with a 4.5 to 11.0 meters sail, depending on what volume and size is chosen.