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Exocet Warp SL 2009

Exocet Warp SL 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

68 to 129 liters volume and 235x50 to 247x78 centimeters size.


When it comes to extreme speed and maneuverability, Exocet makes no compromises and delivers top performance gear to the market. That is also the case of the new Warp SL board, perhaps one of the fastest racing windsurfing boards available today. The Warp SL features a new ergonomic and compact shape, with carefully optimized edges that permit the rider to experience extreme speeds while being in complete control. Actually the SL in the name stands for Slalom. The innovative triple level power pads enhance overall acceleration and speed and make the board blast through the water. This feature also increases grip and stability. A great thing about the Exocet Warp SL is that it offers direct and responsive steering even when it reaches top speed or the sail is overpowered. Additional enhancements make the board take advantage of the lightest wind or wave to power up and offer a fast and smooth ride. Comfort has not been overlooked, and the Warp SL features the Double Density Shock Absorber system as well as soft and adjustable foot straps.

The Exocet Warp SL is available in two Pro versions: Pro Model and Pro Model HC. The first one is made from a high quality biaxial carbon composite, while the HC model is built on a Honey Comb Biaxial Carbon structure. The HC is a bit lighter and performs great in gusty conditions. Since it is an aggressive board, the graphics match this attitude. The red and black imprints make it unique and elegant.

To cover a large weight and sail sizes range, the Exocet Warp SL comes in 68 to 129 liters volume and 235x50 to 247x78 centimeters size. Maximum performance is reached when it is used with a 4.0 to 9.8 meters wide sail, depending on size and volume.