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Exocet Warp X 380 2009

Exocet Warp X 380 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Exocet

When it comes to professional windsurfing Exocet makes no compromises. It creates only top performance gear fit for the best pro riders and ultimate competitions. That is the case with the 2009 Warp X board, a pure blood racing machine that develops lightning fast speed and acceleration.

The board features a compact and hydrodynamic shape which permits it to take advantage of any wind and wave conditions to power up and reach top speed. Light wind or choppy waves are not a challenge for the Warp X and it does not affect overall performance. Exocet has used a step tail adapter to provide the rider with an additional power boost and also to increase stability. An adjustable plate combined with an innovative plunger enhances maneuverability and offer safe and fast turns and rotations. The board uses a longer and narrower fin which increases power delivery and grip. The board is large enough and has plenty of volume so it can easily support a heavier rider. Even if it may seem a bit heavy on the beach, once it is set on the water, the Exocet Warp X 380 becomes light and it is very easy to handle. Besides speed, Exocet has also focused on control. The rider has absolute control all the time and can steer the board without any effort, while the Warp X generates positive feedback. The narrower tail combined with the parallel rails are used to create great floatability and generate maximum traction without any drag at all.

To make a light board that is virtually indestructible Exocet has chosen a wood and carbon construction. The board features silver white and red imprints and has a beautiful graphic design. It is only available in 295 liters volume and 380x65 centimeters size. For optimal performance Exocet Warp X 380 should be used with a 6.5 to 9.6 meters sail.