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F2 Vantage Air 2011

F2 Vantage Air 2011

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

126L: 245x69 cm 
136L: 255x72 cm 
146L: 255x76 cm 
156L: 255x80 cm


The Vantage and Vantage Air are excellent board for all riders, regardless of their skill level. They are engineered using a similar blue print, but are crafted using different constructions technologies.  The Vantage Air is built using a super light structure which makes it faster and easier to use in lighter wind conditions. The Vantage Air is user friendly and can be used by beginner and intermediate riders without problems. At the same time it packs enough power to keep up with advanced riders who love extreme speeds and spectacular tricks.

The refined board profile assures excellent early planning potential as well as great upwind and downwind performance. The volume is well balanced through the board for optimal stability in various wind and wave conditions. F2 has used a double concave with flats bottom design in the front area of the board to assure a fluid drive at all times. This way the rider can sit comfortably and enjoy a fast and smooth glide. A flat v in the back provides good power release and improves jibbing performance. Easy adjustable straps assure a comfortable bond between feet and deck.

The straps can be set in multiple positions, depending on the rider’s skill level. The inner positions keep the board very stable and are suitable for beginners, while the outer positions increase the rail pressure for better turning performance and are suitable for advanced riders. The F2 Vantage Air runs very smooth and it is very accurate. It is also fun to ride and perfect for progression.