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F2 Vegas LTD 2012

F2 Vegas LTD 2012

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

126L: 247x69 cm 
136L: 250x72 cm 
146L: 250x76 cm


The new 2012 board line introduced by F2 is impressive. It gathers a large number of board models, and each model is fine tuned to offer the best performance in its class. The new Vegas LTD is a board especially crafted for dedicated freeriders. It is built using a similar design as the Vegas, but it is engineered using a lighter structure.

The lightweight sandwich construction makes the board faster and provides uncompromised performance for advanced riders. The board has a proportional volume distribution, so it is easy to maneuver in various conditions and very stable. A high performance CNC G 10 fin optimizes power delivery and reduces drag for increased speed. The shorter and wider body profile makes the board snappy and assures excellent control. It also allows the board to run fine in small chop. F2 has crafted the Vegas LTD using a double concave bottom design in the nose area to make sure that the board runs smooth and has a fluid glide. At the same time, flat V in the tail improves jibbing performance, while the refined rails provide unmatched control.

Larger Vegas LTD sizes use tail wingers for improved early planning performance. Early planning performance, as well as top speed and acceleration are also optimized by the flat rocker line. The Vegas LTD features multiple strap positions, so the rider can choose the suited stance according to his specific needs. Fast, powerful, light and accurate, the F2 Vegas LTD is one of the most versatile freeride boards available today.