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F2 Vento LTD 2012

F2 Vento LTD 2012

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

96L: 242x58 cm 
106L: 244x62 cm
116L: 246x66 cm


Dedicated freeriders need a fast and powerful board to power their radical drives. F2 has crafted the Vento with specific focus on their needs. The Vento is available in two versions: GTS and LTD. Both of them are highly versatile boards and have similar features, but the Vento LTD is engineered using a lighter sandwich structure which improves overall performance.

The 2012 F2 Vento LTD has impressive acceleration and reaches an impressive speed. At the same time the longer and narrower shape increases longitudinal stability and allows the rider to experience a smooth glide. The board features a double concave design with side flats in the nose area. This design assures a fluid drive and allows the rider to feel comfortable in both flat waters and small to medium weaves. A flat V in the tail optimizes the release and provides fast bottom turns. The board uses smooth rails which provide excellent control at all times. Even at high speeds the rider can easily steer and handle the board.

The Vento LTD heads upwind without effort and has great planning abilities. A high performance CNC G10 fin optimizes the power delivery and reduces drag. It also improves grip in tight turns. The board has several footstrap positions, so the rider can choose the most comfortable one, according to his needs. The F2 Vento LTD is perfect for radical carving jibes or high speed cruising. It is a versatile and reliable freeride machine.

• Lightweight Sandwich Construction
• High Performance CNC G10 Fin
• Multiple Strap Positions
• Double Concave to V Bottom