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Fanatic FreeWave 2010

Fanatic FreeWave 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

75 to 115 liters volume, in 5 ranges featuring 10 liters increments. Sizes range between 235x56 to 244x66 centimeters.


The Fanatic windsurfing board lineup for 2010 comprises a few models that seem to suit perfectly champions or hardcore riders. That is the case with the new FreeWave, a board that seems close to perfection when it comes to performance in freestyle riding.

The board is engineered to take maximum advantage of any wave conditions and the compact hydrodynamic profile with an enhanced outline deliver plenty of pop for jumps and early planning. Full rails and a new rocker lines allows the Fanatic FreeWave to blast through the water at extreme speeds and develop great acceleration abilities. The control is very responsive and the board behaves predictable so it is great for high jumps and tricks. Even if the board is very powerful and has a massive pop the ride is smooth and comfortable due to the use of a domed deck and soft adjustable foot straps. Even if it is intended for advanced users and wave riding, the FreeWave is so versatile and so easy to maneuver that even intermediate sailors can use it without much effort.

The board is available in two models, the Fanatic FreeWave standard and the Team Edition. They are both engineered to deliver maximum performance, but are built using different technologies. The standard model is constructed using double sandwich PVC and wood technology which enhances durability and rigidity, while the Team Edition is built to be lighter and more agile. TE is based on a Carbon Kevlar structure which significantly lowers the weight and adds a plus of power for hardcore riders.  Both versions are available in 75 to 115 liters volume, in 5 ranges featuring 10 liters increments. Sizes range between 235x56 to 244x66 centimeters.

The manufacturer recommends that the FreeWave should be used with Fanatic FW G10 fins and a 3.7 to 6.7 square meters sail, depending on the board size and volume.

Fanatic FreeWave 2010 Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Fanatic FreeWave 2010 Reviewed on Mar 2nd 2011
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

This board really lets yo umaster the waves. It is fast and powerful. Delivers optimal boost and doesn't spray your eyes. It absorbs shocks nicely and slides smoothly. You don't need to put effort in jibes and carves. I really li...more

Fanatic FreeWave 2010 Reviewed on Dec 9th 2010
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Very good board for waves.