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Fanatic Hawk 2010

Fanatic Hawk 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

100 to 135 liters volume and 245x62 to 245x73 centimeters sizes.


The 2010 windsurfing board lineup introduced by Fanatic is developed with performance and versatility in mind. That is perhaps the reason why Fanatic boards have such a great success worldwide.

The new Hawk model is such a successful board, a great sailing machine for freestyle and slalom. Speed, power and maneuverability are perfectly blended to deliver optimal performance. The Hawk features a narrower profile with a wide center pressure point which allows it to sprint through the water at impressive speeds. The tail is also improved and designed to deliver nice low end grunt, with its 75 degrees orientation. A V bottom combined with the double concave tip area also delivers additional power and speed for extreme carving or for high jumping. The great thing about the Fanatic Hawk is that you never must worry about losing control. The board is extremely stable due to the proportional weight distribution and also highly maneuverable. Even if you overpower the sail and reach intense speeds or the wind and wave conditions get choppy, the Hawk never loses grip and is very easy to steer. The board incorporates some slalom features which improve turns and rotations, making it easy to use by all racers.

As it has used for the other boards it has produced this year, Fanatic has also released the Hawk in two versions, the standard and limited editions. They feature the same concepts and deliver top performance, but are based on two types of building technology. The standard version uses a wood sandwich construction that makes it extra durable, while the limited edition is based on a Carbon Kevlar and Basalt structure. The latter one is engineered to be lighter and deliver an additional boost for hardcore riders. Both models come in 100 to 135 liters volume and 245x62 to 245x73 centimeters sizes.

The manufacturer recommends Fanatic Hawk GFK fins for the standard model and Fanatic Hawk G10 fins for the limited version. Additional fins can be purchased on the aftermarket. Maximum efficiency is reached when the board is used with a 4.5 to 9.0 square meters sail.