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Fanatic NewWave 2009

Fanatic NewWave 2009

Board Type: Freeride  Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume STD: 69L to 91L Size STD: 525x237cm to 59.4x243cm

Volume TE: 69L to 91L Size TE: 525x237cm to 59.4x243cm


Fanatic NewWave 2009 model is a board that hit the market after extensive research and development. The opinions of pro riders and not only were taken into consideration, and new concepts and technologies have been implemented to make the NewWave one of the most versatile wave riding boards ever.

Fanatic has chosen a single concave, narrower and longer shape for 2009 with longer outline to offer sailors a perfect wave sessions in any possible conditions. Thinner tucked rails provide exceptional control even when the board reaches top speed or when the sail feels overpowered. The slightly larger tail and the enhanced rocker line provide maximum grip, but also plenty of pop for big jumps or hardcore riding. Out on the water the Fanatic NewWave reaches great speed, offers fast turns and unmatched maneuverability. The balanced volume distribution creates increased floatation and keeps the rider in a perfect control. It is highly responsive, so the sailor experiences positive feedback from every move he makes. The great handling, power and speed capabilities of the NewWave make it perfect for speed riding or acrobatic tricks. A feeling of comfort and safety is assured by the predictable performance in all conditions.

Depending on the skill level, the rider can take advantage of the user friendly features or the hardcore ones to experience a great session. Fanatic has released the board in two versions, the standard and Team Edition. The standard one is built on wood sandwich technology to assure ultra durability in the worse possible condition, while the Team Edition is constructed on a Carbon Kevlar structure, which decreases weight and increases performance for pro riders.

Optimal performance is reached when it is used with Fanatic NW G10 Fins and a 3.3 to 6.4 square meters sail.