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Fanatic NewWave 2010

Fanatic NewWave 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 69L, 76L, 83L, 91L

Size: 232x53cm, 234x55cm, 236x57cm, 243x59.5cm


Fanatic is one of the most acclaimed windsurfing board producers on the planet. The high performance board line it has put up for 2010 surpasses any expectations in terms of performance and versatility. The 2010 NewWave is especially crafted to offer extreme sensations to all wave riders addicted to extreme and hardcore wave sailing.

A new narrower and more compact shape assures enhanced hydrodynamic capabilities, so the board reaches impressive speeds in all wave conditions. The rails are full sized and a bit softer and combined with the tail rocker allow the sailor to experience total control. This is a great feature, since the board is quite aggressive and delivers fast turns and rotations. The bottom is double concave, so when it is fully powered up, the NewWave offers unmatched speed. The volume is carefully distributed between tip and tail and perfectly balances and stabilizes the board out on the waves. Refined tucked under edges of the Fanatic NewWave assure a smooth glide, almost drag free. The 2010 NewWave is only available in Team Edition version since it is intended for hardcore riding. TE or Team Edition means that the board is constructed using Carbon Kevlar fabrics. These fabrics not only that are extremely solid and increase durability, but are also light and increase overall performance of the board. 

Light, maneuverable and powerful, the Fanatic NewWave is the perfect choice for any pro and extreme wave rider out there. The NewWave is not a very large board, and it comes in 69 to 91 liters volume and 232x53 to 245x59.5 centimeters sizes. The manufacturer recommends Fanatic NW Prepreg fins and a 3.3 to 6.4 meters wide sail for maximum performance.