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Fanatic Shark 2009

Fanatic Shark 2009

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 130 to 160 liters

Size: 70x258cm to 80x268cm


Although the board models lined up by Fanatic for 2009 are dominated by wave riding models, there are also highly performance boards to meet all the demands of the other styles. The 2009 Shark is such a board, and it is here to take freeride to whole new levels. It is so well engineered that it practically covers all wind and waves conditions, and has user friendly features that make it a good choice for beginner riders.

It is truly an all round performer when it comes to freeride. The shape is moderate, and features an enhanced outline that offers a smooth and fast glide. A smooth rocker line increases maneuverability and assures stability in choppy conditions. Additional stability and floatability are provided by the optimal volume distribution between nose and tail. The full rails provide extra power and maintain the board at a constant speed when it turns, feature great for early planning. All the major characteristics of the Fanatic Shark, like scoop rocker or rail shape, were carefully analyzed and designed using the advanced CDC technology. Once you set the board out on the water and power up the sail, you will definitely notice how light, stable and easy to handle the Shark is. Although powerful enough to deliver high speeds and extreme moves, the board is also user friendly. It delivers top performance, but it is forgiving and comfortable in any conditions. The straps are easily adjustable and can be used inboard or outboard, depending on the rider skill and style. Choosing the outboard positions increases velocity and acceleration, while choosing onboard strap option assures maximum stability.

The Fanatic Shark is available in two different models, the HRS or High Resistance Skin construction for increased durability and the LTD edition, based on a Carbon Sandwich structure which lowers the weight. 

Maximum performance is delivered when it is used with a 6.0 to 10.0 square meters sail.