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Fanatic Skate 2009

Fanatic Skate 2009

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume: 98L, 108L

Size: 63x235cm, 66x237cm


The Fanatic Skate has a long history in the manufacturer’s board lineup. The previous versions were very successful and helped several pro riders become windsurfing champions.

Since it was such a versatile and reliable board, Fanatic has decided to continue the legacy and released the new 2009 model which features new improvements that make it even better. It is the type of board that takes freestyle to whole new levels. The enhanced outline and refined edges permit the board to glide through the water at impressive speeds, while the new rocker and rails maximize hydrodynamic capabilities and offer plenty of pop for tricks and jumps. The volume is well distributed between the tail and the slightly narrow tip, so the board has excellent grip and is easy to maneuver. Fanatic also improved overall comfort, by using soft pads and soft and flexible foot straps that are easy to adjust in any position. The best feature of this board, besides power and comfort is extreme maneuverability. It is so responsive and the turns and rotations are fast and smooth, that it is no chance of losing control even for a second. The increased maneuverability capabilities make it a great all round wave and freestyle board. Not only that is very easy to handle, but it is also forgiving so it performs excellent for transitions or even for beginner riders. Plenty of pop, nice speed and accurate steering are just a few of the features that make it a great freestyle all round performer.

The Fanatic Skate is available in Biax Glass sandwich model or in Team Edition Carbon Kevlar construction. The standard version is extremely durable and solid in hardcore conditions, while the TE is lighter and offers increased performance in competitions.

For maximum efficiency the board should be used with Fanatic FW G10 fins and a 5.0 to 7.5 meters wide sail, depending on volume and size.