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Fanatic Skate 2010

Fanatic Skate 2010

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

Volume STD: 100L, 110L

Volume TE: 90L, 100L, 110L

Size STD: 235x63.5cm, 237x66.5cm

Size TE: 232x60cm, 235x63.5cm, 237x66.5cm


When it comes to crafting high performance boards that will help pro and extreme riders break the limits of windsurfing as we know it, or to the intermediate and beginners to advanced to new levels, Fanatic makes no compromise. It merges new high tech features with previous successful patterns to deliver gear that is close to perfection.

The 2010 Skate is a board that will surely appeal to every freestyler out there, since it is extremely powerful and responsive. It is the kind of sailing machine that is build for winners. The Skate features full rails that are slightly softer and a rounder tip, so it can be extremely fast but forgiving at the same time. A fuller profile with enhanced edges assures a smooth glide without almost no drag at all. The fin is slightly smaller and narrow so it provides plenty of pop for high jumps and extreme tricks. The volume is well distributed from tail to nose, feature that created enough floatation to sustain even a heavier rider. The great thing about the Fanatic Skate is that is has an awesome control. The board is so responsive and agile at the same time that it performs great for beginner and experienced riders alike. Advanced sailors get a lot of power for acrobatic maneuvers or ultra speed due to the use of the “duck tail”, while beginner ones can enjoy a board that is stable, handles easy and tackles the waves nice and smooth due to the V shaped hull.

Just like the FreeWave and NewWabe boards, the Skate is also available in two editions: standard and Team Edition. The standard edition is based on a biaxial glass construction that assures an affordable price and balanced weight to durability ration, while the Team Edition is constructed on a Biax Carbon and Kevlar structure which significantly lowers weight and increases flexibility and power.

Absolute performance is achieved when the board is used with especially designed Fanatic Freestyle Prepreg fins and with a 4.5 to 7.5 square meters sail, depending on the board size and volume.