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Goya Custom 2009

Goya Custom 2009

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Goya
Board sizes:

66L, 72L, 78L, and 84L and 232x52cm, 235x53.3cm, 237x55.4cm, and 239x57cm sizes.


When it has developed the 2009 Custom Wave series, Goya has focused on building the ultimate wave riding machine. It has created a solid, fast and precise board that pierces through the waves at intense speeds and never loses control. To suit a wide range of conditions and rider types, Goya has implemented the new Progressive Rocker Technology, which significantly increases handling and maneuverability. Depending on the size of the board, versatility evolves from control to early planning, so the 84L model is the perfect machine for early planning out on the waves. The V bottom and concave features of this board drastically increase speed and acceleration for extreme riders. The Goya Custom Wave series is also designed to offer fast turns and rotations, as well as nice jumps, so it performs great for both speed addicts and trick lovers. Goya team has also worked on improving traction and stability and that is why the Custom acts predictable and deploys a balanced and smooth power in any wave conditions. Even if the flat water performance it is not one of the greatest you will find at a board, the Custom Wave turns any wave session into a thrilling and enjoyable experience. After all it is fine tuned for extreme wave riding.

To keep the board light weight and solid an enhanced lay up construction has been chosen.

This board performs best with a MFC 211 fin. It is available in 66L, 72L, 78L, and 84L and 232x52cm, 235x53.3cm, 237x55.4cm, and 239x57cm sizes.