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Goya One Pro 2011

Goya One Pro 2011

Board Type: Freestyle  Wave
Manufacturer: Goya
Board sizes:

68L: 226x52 cm

72L: 230x53.6 cm

78L: 232x55.4 cm

86L: 234.5x58.7 cm

94L: 236x60.5 cm

102L: 238.5x62.8 cm


The new boards introduced by Francisco Goya and his team in 2011 offer top quality and performance. All boards are crafted with specific focus on detail and aim to offer the best performance in their class. The new One Pro is a dual purpose board, intended to suit both dedicated wave and freestyle riders. The board is quite powerful and agile, but user friendly and easy to handle so it can be used by experts as well as by less experienced riders.

The board is engineered using a hydrodynamic shape which assures a smooth glide as well as plenty of power and pop. It just needs water and a bit of wind to perform spectacular tricks. The One Pro has a smart volume distribution which assures excellent stability and optimal control in most conditions. The board can be used in both flat waters and waves without hassle. Smaller One Pro sizes use a single to double concave bottom design and a progressive rocker. These models are faster and perfectly suited for lighter riders or higher wind conditions.

The larger One Pro models are engineered using a faster progressive rocker and a V to concave bottom along the rails. These models are perfect for lighter winds and reach a higher speed when fully charged. The board also uses a US Fin Box or Power Fin Box depending on size. All One Pro models are very reliable and respond very accurately to rider input. The Goya One Pro is equipped with MFC straps and Dual Density Deck Pads which assure a comfortable bond between the rider’s feet and deck. The One Pro is crafted using the Pro construction technology which assures optimal stiffness and makes the board lighter and more agile.

Goya One Pro 2011 Average Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Goya One Pro 2011 Reviewed on Dec 21st 2011
Rating: 2.0 out of 5

If you don't use it in windy days or you are underpowered, the board catches a wave very hard. It stays stable but won't get you moving too nice. In good winds it planes fast and you can pop some nice tricks. You can also get some nice turns in bump...more

Goya One Pro 2011 Reviewed on Dec 21st 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

It covers freestyle, wave and freeride. It is really useful for freeride in high winds. The bottom has a fair amount of concave to keep the ride smooth at all times. The flatter rocker assures a god speed. The nose and tail pack plenty of volume to g...more