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JP Fun Ride 2009

JP Fun Ride 2009

Board sizes:

125 and 140 liters volume and 69x254 and 72.5x255 centimeters sizes.


JP Australia has released a great windsurfing board lineup for 2009. Ultra efficient pro boards for hardcore riders, boards that are extremely fast and powerful, but also very user friendly boards created for the beginner or casual rider.

The Fun Ride targets the second category and it is one of the few boards that mix efficiency with extremely easy maneuverability. It is actually constructed on a similar pattern with the X-Cite Ride, but it is more stable and easier to control. The board features a wider shape and longer outlines to provide extra stability for the beginner rider. At the same time it offers fast and smooth turns and rotations as well as a nice top speed so it is perfect for intermediate and advanced sailors. The volume is proportionally distributed from the nose to the tail, to create good floatation and extra grip. The enhanced rocker and a decreased wetted surface assure that the board is reliable and performs flawless if the conditions get worse or if the sail is overpowered. JP has used a pintail design and thinner rails to assure that an advanced rider has plenty of pop for lifts, tricks or high speed. This feature also increases acceleration and upwind abilities. The JP Fun Ride powers up with a light wind blow, accelerates fast and once it reaches top speed is able to maintain it for a long time. The maneuverability is great and the Fun Ride offers an effortless and responsive control at all times.

The board has several foot straps positions, to suit all skill level riders. Depending on the positioning, the rider can set the board for maximum power delivery or for extra control. A domed deck, soft pads and easy to adjust foot straps make every ride extremely comfortable and fun. Powerful enough for an advanced rider and forgiving to suit a sailor looking for on water relaxation, the JP Fun Ride is the perfect freeride board.

It comes in an Epoxy sandwich construction which assures extra stiffness, light weight and super durability. The board is available in 125 and 140 liters volume and 69x254 and 72.5x255 centimeters sizes. For maximum performance it should be used with a 5.5 to 9.5 square meters sail.