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JP Slalom IV 2009

JP Slalom IV 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Board sizes:

Volume: 70L, 84L, 104L, 114L, 134L

Size: 54x240cm, 60x240cm, 68x240cm, 76x240cm, 84x241cm


When it comes to pro windsurfing and high speed racing JP makes no compromises and designs boards that are close to perfection. The 2009 Slalom IV is the fourth generation of performance racing boards and meets the needs of the most demanding riders.

It has been created by JP shaper Werner Gnigler and pro rider and world champ Micah Buzianis who worked together to develop the perfect mix of power and efficiency. The board has a hydrodynamic and ergonomic profile which assures a high top speed and easy acceleration. The volume is proportionally distributed to create optimal floatability and perfect grip. Larger size models pack extra volume to support a heavier rider. The enhanced bottom design combined with a slight nose lift make the board take maximum advantage of the wind and water flow to deliver an intense top speed. The great thing about the JP Slalom IV is that once it reaches maximum speed it is able to maintain it constant for a long time. It is just like the board would have a power lock setting. Depending on the model size, the board features tail cut outs or wider tails. Actually, the smaller size models have cut outs and larger ones have wider tails. This feature provides optimal power release for maximum acceleration and helps the board reach top speed in no time. An improved rail line keeps the board very stable and agile. This also reduces drag and friction and allows the JP Slalom IV to offer a smooth and fast glide. The rider has absolute control at all time, and once it is set on the water the board is responsive and performs flawless in any wind and wave conditions. A comfortable stance is assured by the use of soft pads and flexible, easy to adjust foot straps.

Power, speed, maneuverability and comfort, the JP Slalom IV has all it takes to offer a perfect racing session. It comes in Pro Edition, based on a Biax Carbon structure which balances the weight to strength ratio. For maximum performance JP recommends that the board should be used with a 5.4 to 10.7 meters wide racing or slalom sail, depending on volume and size.