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JP Speed 2010

JP Speed 2010

Board Type: Race  Freeride
Manufacturer: JP
Board sizes:

Volume: 53L, 63L, 73L

Size: 45x228cm, 29x231cm, 54x231cm


The Speed went through extensive research and development and extreme testing before being released on the market in 2010. It is designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the highest possible speed and break all velocity limits. And that it is precisely what it does, without any compromise. The board was actually created by pro rider and champ Antoine Albeau, who would not settle for anything less than pure perfection.

The JP Speed has a narrower and more compact shape which makes it very ergonomic and hydrodynamic, therefore is glides without any trace of drag. The compact shape with longer outlines also improves early planning as well as top speed and jibbing abilities. Enhanced rails make the board take maximum advantage of the water flow and create enhanced traction while maximizing the grip at the same time. The bottom features a V design for optimal power release. This feature makes the board accelerate quickly and reach top speed in no time. Additional acceleration power is gained through the use of fast rocker lines. The great thing about the JP Speed is that once it reaches top speed it is able to maintain that speed for a long time. It is just like it would have a power lock option. The board has a great maneuverability and stays stable and reliable even at maximum speed. It turns and rotates very fast and offers a responsive control. The rider can really concentrate on breaking all speed limits while he has maximum comfort and safety. Not only that is extremely fast, but it is also a very durable board and reinforced to outstand all conditions.

The JP Speed comes in Pro edition, and features a “Super Limited Silver Finish” as the manufacturer states. For maximum efficiency JP recommends that the board should be used with a 5.4 to 7.2 square meters sail, depending on volume and size.