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Mistral Joker RD 2009

Mistral Joker RD 2009

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

99 or 109 liters volume and 63x231 or 66x231 centimeters sizes.


The 2009 Mistral Joker RD is perhaps one of the most versatile freestyle boards available. It was carefully crafted to bled power with efficiency in the best way. Actually the board was developed by Marcilio Browne, the well known freestyle world champ. How can you not love a board developed by a world champion for future champs?

The Joker RD has it all to take freestyle to whole new levels. To assure a smooth and drag free glide Mistral has engineered the board with a narrow profile and a shorter, more compact outline. This ergonomic shape allows the rider to control very efficient the board and slide through the water fast and smooth. Mistral was quite innovative when it has moved away from the larger and wider freestyle board and has decided to approach a new concept and create a slim and powerful new design. The cutting edge rails combined with the improved bottom design provide plenty of power for the most extreme freestyle moves and for an intense top speed. An enhanced scoop rocker line has been used to assure that the Joker RD accelerates very quickly and reaches top speed in no time. The board is engineered to take maximum advantage of the water flow and it can be powered with the lightest wind blow.

The power generated by the board is optimized by the flip tail, so the rider can perform any move effortless. Either he wants to perform high jumps or run at maximum speed he can do that due to the acceleration and early planning capabilities of the board. Not only that is fast and powerful but the Mistral Joker RD is highly maneuverable too. It performs fast turns and rotations easily and remains stable the whole time. The rider can focus on his moves without worrying about losing control even for a second. Maximum comfort is assured bu the use of easy to adjust foot straps and the new Air Pod Pads.

The board is constructed on a Carbon Kevlar structure which makes it extra durable and lowers the weight at the same time. The Joker RD comes in 99 or 109 liters volume and 63x231 or 66x231 centimeters sizes. For optimal efficiency the board is best used with a 4.2 to 6.9 square meters sail.