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Mistral SL RD 2009

Mistral SL RD 2009

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

80 to 135 liters volume and 55x240 to 79x244 centimeters sizes


When it comes to extreme racing or pro riding, Mistral makes no compromises and creates boards that offer the ultimate performance. After a long process of research and development and extensive testing, Mistral has released the SL RD, one of the most versatile slalom and racing boards available today. New technology and concepts have been implemented to make sure that the board offers maximum efficiency and reliability.

The board is built on a slim and ergonomic profile, and has a compact and hydrodynamic shape. The rider can experience a very fast glide and reach top speed quickly. Mistral has distributed the volume proportionally through the body to make sure that the board is very stable and balanced on the water. Smaller models are narrower for a better agility, while larger ones are enhanced with tail cut outs for a perfect power release. This feature maximizes the top speed and improved drastically acceleration abilities, making the SL RD a true slalom racing machine. The slightly rounded nose allows the rider to tackle any wave without any effort and with a minimum wave impact force. The enhanced rocker and rails provide extra traction and reduce water friction to permit the sailor experience unmatched speed. The board is also very maneuverable and performs reliably and predictable in all conditions. The rider has a responsive and precise control and can perform any move effortless. Flexible and easy to adjust foot straps and the new Air Pod pads offer extra comfort during the ride. Super fast and super easy to control, the Mistral SL RD will take you to the first position in any competition.

Mistral has used an advanced technology to develop the SL RD, based on a Carbon Kevlar structure. This innovative structure assures a light weight and significantly increases the board’s resistance. The Mistral SL RD comes in 80 to 135 liters volume and 55x240 to 79x244 centimeters sizes and offers maximum performance when it is used with a sail up to 10.0 meters wide.