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Mistral Wave 2009

Mistral Wave 2009

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Mistral
Board sizes:

Volume: 69L, 76L, 86L

Size: 53x233cm, 54x237cm, 57x238cm


There are riders who have just picked up the basics of windsurfing and learn to love this extreme water sport and there are riders who are in this business for years and enjoy extreme and hardcore sensations. Mistral has developed the Wave especially for the second category, for the sailors who can master extra power to perform extreme tricks and sail at impressive speeds.

The board is quite aggressive and intended for radical rider, therefore it is recommended for the advanced and experienced sailors. Mistral has used a compact and ergonomic profile and shorter outlines for the board to make sure it is very agile and dynamic out on the waves. Mistral has used fast rails on the Wave as well as an improved rocker line to make sure that the rider has enough power for high top speeds, early planning and high jumps. The rider can perform the most extreme moves easily and without effort, because the board is steady and predictable. The volume is proportionally distributed and creates extra floatability and stability to allow the rider to feel safe and comfortable. Extra comfort is provided by the Air Pod pads and flexible, easy to adjust foot straps. The Mistral Wave is not only powerful, but very maneuverable too. The sailor can perform fast turns and rotations, high lifts or any other move without losing control even for a second. The board is very responsive and accurate at all times. A single to double concave bottom design enhances the grip and control of the board.

Fast, powerful and very controllable, the Mistral Wave is truly the ultimate waveriding machine that will allow hardcore riders to push their limits to extremes. The board is extra light but very durable at the same time due to the Carbon Kevlar Custom Sandwich construction. The Wave is available in standard or Marcilio Browne Pro Edition with 76 liters volume for pro riders. For maximum efficiency, Mistral recommends that the board should be used with a sail up to 5.9 meters wide, depending on size and volume.