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Naish Freestyle 2010

Naish Freestyle 2010

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Naish
Board sizes:

75 to 115 liters volume. 223x56 to 237x68 centimeters sizes.


Great news for all windsurfing freestyle and tricks enthusiasts out there. Naish has decided to created the perfect board for them. And since it is dedicated to freestyles, what other name than plain “Freestyle” could it have? The new Naish Freestyle utilizes new technology to develop impressive speed and offer great pop once it is launched on the water. The shape is carefully crafted to deliver maximum acceleration as well as to suit early planning. One great thing about the Naish Freestyle is that is quite forgiving, therefore it can also be used by beginner freestylers without effort. The construction is based on the innovative Sandwich Carbon 3D concept which drastically reduces weight for optimal performance delivery.

Since it is especially created for hardcore riding and for high waves, the Freestyle is reinforced with wood and Technora fabrics. The edges of the board are refined and optimized, so the Freestyle creates a drag free glide and delivers fast turns. Once it is powered up, he rider will notice that the board becomes very light and he has complete control. Steering is direct and responsive and allows positive feedback. Light, fast and reliable this board can be used for competition or casual freestyle in almost any conditions.

The Naish Freestyle is available in 75 to 115 liters volume and 223x56 to 237x68 centimeters sizes. Naish recommends the Freestyle 22 or Freestyle 25 fin for optimal performance. It is best used with a 7.0 or smaller size sail, depending on the board volume and size.

Naish Freestyle 2010 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Naish Freestyle 2010 Reviewed on Mar 1st 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

When you get off the Kailua, the Freestyle can seem a bit aggressive. It is a fast board, intended for tricks and speed. Very comfortable and easy to handle until you get big waves and high speeds. Then you need extra skills to pull out nice trick...more