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Naish Grand Prix 2010

Naish Grand Prix 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race  Freeride
Manufacturer: Naish
Board sizes:

It is available in 80 to 135 liter volume and 231x56 to 250x82 centimeter sizes.


When it comes to extreme performance and pro riders, Naish settles for nothing less than the ltimate performance gear. The famous manufacturer knows that true champs rely on high versatility and efficiency, and that is why the new Grand Prix is developed on those concepts. The Grand Prix is one of the most versatile slalom and racing boards available, and even if it is designed using the latest technology and fabrics it is still a very affordable choice for any speed addict windsurfer out there. A new rocker line shifted towards speed performance and combined with an especially crafted tail cutout offer extreme top speed and also great maneuverability. The shape of the board has been enhanced for better floatability and allows the rider to have an increased control.  The board is also extremely user friendly and can be easily used even by a less experienced rider. It is very stable even if the wind picks up and offers effortless handling. The Grand Prix is built on an EPS Core structure and reinforced with wood and glass fabrics to prevent any possible damage. The whole construction is based on 3D Sandwich Carbon technology to assure a low weight and extra durability.

Graphic design has not been overlooked, and the yellow color combined with silver paint and beautiful imprints make the Grand Prix unique. Affordable, easy to use and with an insane velocity out on the water, the Naish Grand Prix is the perfect choice for racing and slalom.

It is available in 80 to 135 liter volume and 231x56 to 250x82 centimeter sizes. Top performance is achieved when it is used with a 10.0 meters or smaller sail, depending on board size and volume.