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Naish Wave 2010

Naish Wave 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Naish
Board sizes:

Volume: 55L, 64L, 74L, 80L, 87L

Size: 215x50cm, 228x53cm, 225x56cm, 227x56cm, 229x59cm


Naish is well known for the high performance boards it produces, and perhaps it is one of the reasons that these boards are used by so many surfers. The 2010 Wave is one of these high performance boards and combines versatility with maneuverability in a unique way. The concave middle section of the body combined with the enhanced rocker line make the Wave sprint at incredible speeds and offer plenty of pop for tricks and jumps.

The construction is based on a deck built from Carbon Kevlar and a Biax Glass bottom body part. The new technology and fabrics used assure optimal balance and stability and increase overall durability. The Naish Wave can be used by extreme and casual riders alike. For instance the small 55 liter model makes children and women rider very comfortable out on the water. Out on the waves the board performs predictable and is easy to control.

Although top speed is not astonishing, the Wave turns and rotates fast and offers nice hang time and that is why it is preferred by riders seeking high waves for their tricks and jumps. Naish has used new technology to make the board as light as possible, so it would be easy to handle by any rider in any wave conditions.