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RRD 360 Evolution V2 2011

RRD 360 Evolution V2 2011

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

S: 138L, 255x71 cm

M: 148L, 257x76 cm

L: 158L, 259x81 cm


A new line of RRD boards is ready for the 2011 windsurfing season. All boards are crafted according to the highest quality standards and intended to offer the best performance in their class. The new RRD 360 Evolution V2 is designed to offer both performance and fun. It offers a unique blend of power, speed and control and it is very stable. It is a great board for progression, as it feels very reliable as the rider performs new and daring maneuvers. It is also perfect for performing basic freestyle maneuvers without effort, although it is a dedicated freeride board.

The 360 Evolution V2 comes in S, M and L sizes and it is crafted using a Duratech or Softskin technology. The board features an EPS, HD and Wood sandwich inner structure which makes it durable and light. The RRD 360 Evolution V2 has a shorter outline and a wider middle point. This profile makes assures easy water starts and keeps the rider steady at high speeds. Extra stability is added by the proportional and generous volume distribution. The rail to rail V bottom shape assures a constant and fast speed, as well as optimal release and excellent control. The rider can head upwind without effort and perform very nice jibes.

The great thing about the 360 Evolution V2 is that it is easy to power up and runs fast in light winds, but also very reliable and steady if the wind picks up. The board is also very easy to control and responds accurately to rider input. It is the perfect board for less experienced riders who venture out on the waves after their first windsurfing lessons. The RRD 360 Evolution V2 is fast, accurate, easy to handle and fun to ride.