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RRD EasyJoy 2011

RRD EasyJoy 2011

Board Type: Beginner
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

110L: 245x70 cm


RRD is one of the most renowned brands in windsurfing industry. Any piece of equipment designed by their team offers top performance. It is the case with the new 2011 EasyJoy board. This board went through an extensive process of research and development, because it is intended to help kids learn their first windsurfing moves. Kids have different needs compared to adults and that is why every single aspect of the EasyJoy is fine tuned to suit their specific requirements.

As kids have a way of toying out on the water, the RRD EasyJoy is very stable and reliable. It has a smart volume distribution which keeps it steady and a user friendly outline which assures optimal maneuverability. The board is easy to power up and has a very smooth glide. The rounder nose allows the kids to tackle waves without effort, while the wider, rounder tail assures a balanced power delivery and improved turning control. RRD has used an extended flat section in the design of the rocker line, to make sure that the board runs fine in non planning conditions and it is very easy to control. This special rocker line also assures accurate control and improved stability.

The board is constructed using an EPS/HD Glass/Wood sandwich technology based on a Single Shot moulding process. This construction makes it very light and responsive and assures top durability. The EasyJoy is covered with a special Softskin which protects the young rider against injuries in case he falls and hits the deck. Using the RRD EasyJoy is the first step kids should take in the journey to become future windsurfing champions.