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RRD Fireride 2010

RRD Fireride 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

125 to 155 liters volume and 245x69 to 251x78 centimeters sizes


The X-ride was one of the most successful boards produced by RRD. It was fast and sharp out on the water and many riders loved it. For 2010 we must say goodbye to the X-ride and welcome the new Fireride, the latest freeride board produced by RRD, board which replaces the popular X-ride for the 2010 lineup. The board features a compact and ergonomic shape, and the rail profile is enhanced to deliver intense speed and fast turns. Even if it is a very fast board, RRD has used adjustable foot strap positions, so it can be used safely by any type of rider, regardless of skill level. A flatter scoop rocker line combined with a V hull design drastically improves maneuverability and control. Once the rider sets the Fireride on the water and powers it up, it is put in a direct control, and will feel that the board precisely responds to his commands. The volume is well distributed between the tail and tip, feature which make the board extremely stable at high speeds or in gusty conditions. Constructed using a HD glass, wood and EPS sandwich technology the Fireride is both solid and stable and offers a really comfortable glide. It has also plenty of pop and excellent upwind abilities. RRD has not overlooked Graphic design, so the board has beautiful and unique imprints.

Extremely fast, but very controllable, agile and comfortable, the RRD Fireride is one of the most versatile freeride boards available today. It is available in 125 to 155 liters volume and 245x69 to 251x78 centimeters sizes. RRD recommends MFC Liquid Pro CNC G10 fins for this board. It is best used with a 9.3 or smaller sail, depending on size and volume.