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RRD Fireride W-Tech 2011

RRD Fireride W-Tech 2011

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

125L: 245x69 cm

135L: 248x72 cm

145L: 249x75 cm

155L: 251x78 cm


RRD is one of the most appreciated brands in windsurfing industry. All gear manufactured by their team offers top quality and performance. The new 2011 boards are crafted using the highest quality standards and intended to offer top performance. If you are a dedicated freerider and love extreme speeds, than you need a fast and reliable board. You need the RRD Fireride W-Tech. The board offers a unique blend of power and control and it is guaranteed to perform outstanding out on the water.

The Fireride W-Tech is constructed using a special technology which makes it light and dynamic. It features a Glass crossed fibers laminated in Single Shot moulding process structure complemented by an EPS/HD Glass/Wood sandwich skin on top and bottom. This construction makes it thinner and assures optimal stiffness. The lighter structure assures better planning potential and improved top end performance. The new bottom shape, featuring an increased V in the tail, provides optimal release and significantly improves turning performance.

A flatter scoop rocker in the mast track area assures exceptional control and a smooth water flow. It also reduces the impact with waves to keep the rider relaxed while driving. The board feels very agile and it is perfect for riders looking to experience fast speed drives. At the same time it is user friendly and can be handled by less experienced riders without hassle. The footstrap inserts are positioned towards the middle of the board to keep the rider comfortable and balance the power delivery. The RRD Fireride W-Tech is fast, yet fun to ride. It is a very efficient freeride board.

• Increased V in the Tail
• Flatter Rocker Line
• Lightweight Construction
• Full Rails